Short Stories


‘Painted Truths and Prayer Beads’ in Mosaics 2: An Anthology of Independent Women  (May 2016)

Malek is forced to flee Uganda with her two sons in the 1970s and finds herself deposited in London. There, she must start anew. Joyce has everything she wants, or so it seems to those on the outside. Her made up face and pretty window boxes betray what really goes on at home. One night Joyce and Malek’s worlds collide, and in the inferno that follows, they must decide whether to make a stand for what matters most.



‘The Tombstone Man and the Coming of the Tigress’ in UnCommon Origins (June 2016) and UnCommonly Good (April 2017)

Jermaine Wyoming lives in a cemetery, isolated from the world, obsessed with the idea of replacing the memories of his harrowing childhood with new ones. Lana Norse is seventeen years old and suffers from a debilitating disease that promises to rob her of her future. Jermaine and Lana’s fates intertwine as the boundaries of their worlds blur and it becomes difficult to tell what’s real from what is not.