My stomach swells from beneath the swirl of bathwater I sink until every inch of me is pressed to the white enamel internalising hearing the drum of my heartbeat eyelids closed, imagining multiplying cells and spirit the newly forming life inside the walls of my red womb I already love you more than myself, this […]

A thousands suns can’t melt the ivy veneer of your heart No child’s smile can chase the shadows from the caves of your mind You dive into wells of loneliness swim amongst sewer rats convinced it’s where you belong your body a mummified corpse, sinking Come, let my words gush over you, seal the holes […]

I lie against the pillows in the half-light listening to bricks shifting mortar crumbling in our silent home because you have flown far away, briefcase in hand Often the world grows dark All I see are angry men and despairing mothers, fields of upside down flowers, skies of shredded crimson, a march to our graves […]

This week I’ve been thinking about motifs in literature: recurrent images, symbols or ideas an author employs to paint a picture in the reader’s mind. Motifs are woven through the books we read, used by authors to add depth and convey meaning. They might be colours (red for passion or victimhood, for example), the elements […]

A relief to walk alone after the press of company the demand for painted faces and strained smiles We wander deep in mud wordless through the oaks reels of our togetherness playing in fractured minds I remember Road trips to escape the rest when we were enough the breeze playing with your hair your hand […]

The coolest girl in school had secret trysts behind the bike shed, drank wine from a water bottle at mass, hitched up her skirt to show her knobbly knees, shaved her hair into a mohawk and wore an insolent stare Other girls lamented over cracked lips and frizzy hair but the coolest girl in school […]

A mouse set its trap in the city of lights – this time A barrage of unusual sounds, then tidal loss Religion grows monstrous in the hands of faithless madmen who blot out love and cast God in their own image Prayer, they say, is the root of all evil nowadays no longer a harmless […]