Critique Service

It’s getting harder to find the time to help the writers who ask me to read and comment on their manuscripts. That’s why I’m now offering a critique service. My preferred manuscripts are literary fiction, fantasy and science fiction.

Writers receive line by line comments on your digital manuscript in MS Word or Google Docs, and an overall commentary of my thoughts, including insights into your characterisation, plot, structure, world-building, setting, genre tropes, use of language and pacing.

To discuss my availability and your project needs, and to ask for a quote, please email write [at] nillunasser [dot] com. Quotes are based on the length of the manuscript and the timeframe you require.

“Nillu’s editorial skills blew me away from the very beginning. She critiqued drafts of my first two novels, The Sowing and The Reaping, and her advice and suggestions were foundational for our revision process, particularly in the later stages of novel development. She is a talented writer and accomplished editor, and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a thorough and critical manuscript review service.” – Amira Makansi, co-author of The Seeds Trilogy, now optioned for a major motion picture

“Nillu’s critique of my manuscript for my young adult novel was just what I needed. So thorough and detailed. Absolutely spot on. I can’t thank her enough.” – Willow Renner,