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Loving You

Photo by Blentley
Photo by Blentley

My love for you is burned
onto the pages of my journal
It pools in the grooves
where my pen has pressed
The past in a capsule

Let me savour the man I knew –
the one hidden by cares
I’ll hold the memory of us
on my tongue
and let it mellow there

In unguarded moments
we buoy
Interlaced fingers,
lingering kisses I want
to keep in a glass jar

By night our feet are magnets
Lumps of flesh melting together
Warmth that spirals up
to where my heart is
And yours

I mourn for the day
we will be separated
by a force greater than me
I will rip the cries
from where they are buried

And try to follow you


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12 thoughts on “Loving You

  1. I just finished a novel by Graham Joyce that has a similar take on love, separation and death. Beautiful poem. I really like the line about pressing the past in a capsule.

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