Is there a perfect Christmas or do you grin and bear it?

Families are busy making Christmas preparations as colder, darker days draw in here in London. There are wreaths going up on front doors, houses dressed in twinkling lights, pantomime tickets being booked, Christmas trees lugged in and decorated, and the constant ring of the doorbell as gifts arrive for loved ones. If this sounds familiar,… Read More Is there a perfect Christmas or do you grin and bear it?


Finding his Wings

Our littlest has always been an early riser. Of our three children, he took the longest to sleep through the night. Even now, after a day at nursery, he needs body contact. He’ll run to our legs, cling on and laugh when we try and shake him off, squeeze us fiercely. Most mornings he leaps into… Read More Finding his Wings


On the Loss of Touch

This week, I missed my grandmother’s touch. I didn’t hug my mum or kiss my dad’s cheek. I didn’t invite my auntie to come in for a cup of tea. I didn’t lean in to touch a friend who is hurting. I didn’t visit grieving family friends. Have we ever needed the solace of touch… Read More On the Loss of Touch


The Lost Months

Six months since I was last at my desk in a quiet house. Six months since the pandemic drove the world to close borders and ground planes and shut people in their homes. Six months during which close to a million people globally have died from coronavirus. And now, in England, a tightening of lockdown… Read More The Lost Months


Isolation and Writing

I’m sitting here in our library, with the clothes dryer whirring next to me. This room is no longer the domain of the kids’ toys and our books. It’s a temporary kitchen now, too, during lockdown, while our building work has been paused. We could have moved the books upstairs but this room would have… Read More Isolation and Writing