Gossamer Bandages

On Friday everything changed. Overnight the world had been bandaged in gossamer threads, as if a greater power had said, “Enough. Only compassion will emerge from this cocoon.” We clambered over silken fibres holding the earth together. Suspended above our heads, like baubles on a tree, were tanks, missiles and the emblems of big business… Read More Gossamer Bandages


An Unfinished Story

On Fridays the toddler is home with me, and it’s difficult to find a pocket of writing time. We play, I do chores, we go out with friends. This Friday I was determined to put pen to paper. It marked the last regular round of Flash! Friday, a much loved flash fiction writing competition hosted… Read More An Unfinished Story

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My Roots in India

With the summer behind us and the kids back at school, I’m getting into the groove with the novel again. The second act of The Voyeur is going to be submitted to my online writer’s workshop over the next month. Initially, it felt unfamiliar to be diving into my novel again: the peril of taking… Read More My Roots in India


How I like my Women

This post first appeared on Indie Book Promo. A special thanks to the #MondayBlogs family: Rachel Thompson, Barb Drozdowich, Kate Tilton, Will van Stone Jr. It took the birth of my daughter six years ago for my dreams of becoming an author to crystallise. I’d always devoured books and studied literature at university but as my… Read More How I like my Women


Life is Good

I wrote the following piece of short fiction today for an online contest. The instructions were to write a story of under 300 words on the theme ‘Life is Good.’ I couldn’t resist writing a macabre tale. You can submit your own entry for free here until mid-January. Hopefully publishing it here doesn’t make me… Read More Life is Good


Flash Fiction

On 2 December Flash! Friday launched its Flashversary competition to celebrate its one year anniversary. There were some great stories written, including this one by @West1Jess, and some fantastic prizes to be won. Writers were asked to submit a story of exactly 350 words excluding the title inspired by the photo prompt below. Unfortunately, I… Read More Flash Fiction


Friday Flash Fiction

#FRIDAYPHRASES #FridayPhrases were initiated by @amicgood.  The idea is to tweet a story or poem within 140 characters, follow the hashtag and retweet the ones you like.  Life gets busy for all of us. What I love about #FP is that is makes me feel creative and productive even if I don’t have too much time. Hope… Read More Friday Flash Fiction