Release Day: Midlife Portals, Druid Heir Book 5

I have three pieces of news that can’t wait to share with you! First up, it’s launch day for MIDLIFE PORTALS, Druid Heir Book 5 🥳🥂. I’m so excited about this one. I think it might be the best yet. It features: 💜 A magic-wielding woman over 40 💜 Action adventure 💜 Friends like family 💜 Gods and goddesses 💜 Stonehenge 💜 A second… Read More Release Day: Midlife Portals, Druid Heir Book 5


Is there a perfect Christmas or do you grin and bear it?

Families are busy making Christmas preparations as colder, darker days draw in here in London. There are wreaths going up on front doors, houses dressed in twinkling lights, pantomime tickets being booked, Christmas trees lugged in and decorated, and the constant ring of the doorbell as gifts arrive for loved ones. If this sounds familiar,… Read More Is there a perfect Christmas or do you grin and bear it?


Finding his Wings

Our littlest has always been an early riser. Of our three children, he took the longest to sleep through the night. Even now, after a day at nursery, he needs body contact. He’ll run to our legs, cling on and laugh when we try and shake him off, squeeze us fiercely. Most mornings he leaps into… Read More Finding his Wings


My Wishes for You

Happy new year to you all!  I hope the coming decade is kind to you: that you grow wiser and softer, that you enjoy good health, long walks and wonderful books, that joy and comfort never leave your side, that long-buried dreams find the light and you always find your way through storms.  If you… Read More My Wishes for You

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In 2019, Just Be

It’s the start of a new year. We leave behind a year that many of us won’t miss, a year which seemed relentless with global news and human meanness.  I realise now, there is a limit to our control. We can stand up for our beliefs, we can make art, and treat others with kindness… Read More In 2019, Just Be


On Self-Discovery

Do you believe that each of us has a unique gift to share with the world? I do. I look at my children now and am aware of the responsibility to introduce them to new experiences and knowledge so they can uncover their passions and begin to understand who they are at their core.  Recently… Read More On Self-Discovery



I am sad. There I said it. I don’t like to be the sad one. Not that there’s anything wrong with being sad: we all feel like this sometimes, and some more than others. In fact, I’d argue that if you don’t feel sad sometimes then your skin is probably too thick, and you might… Read More Sadness


On Flow and Just Being

There is something seductive about crossing the threshold into a new year. It’s the same feeling as opening a new journal, or writing on crisp letter paper, or sliding under clean bedsheets. A fresh start holds promise. It’s like a new relationship: full of romance and possibility. Humans like symbolism. And yet, I am different.… Read More On Flow and Just Being