Taking Hold of the Reins - A Wide Approach to Publishing

Image showing series tropes for Druid HeirI mentioned in my newsletter earlier this month that I've been thinking about taking my books out of Kindle Unlimited program for a while. That means my ebooks will no longer be exclusive to Amazon and I can take more control of my business.

Over the next few months, my books will slowly start to leave Kindle Unlimited, starting with Midlife Dawn, which leaves Kindle Unlimited today.

If you're intending to read my books in KU, then you can borrow them, and they will stay in your KU library until you have finished reading them, even after the date I remove the books. So this is a heads up to grab them.

Leaving Kindle Unlimited means that I can sell my e-books in other stores such as Barnes and Noble, Kobo (and Kobo Plus which is a non-exclusive programme), Google and Apple.

It also means I can sell my books directly on my website and lend to libraries. You can always request copies at your local library.

As I make the transition, the products in my own store will be growing. I am so excited to get bundles and merch together so watch this space and make sure you sign up to my newsletter for discounts.

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