Coming soon: To Trick A Raja (Majestic Midlife Witch Book 3)

It's almost time! To Trick a Raja, the final book in my Majestic Midlife Witch trilogy releases on 6 June.

There’s simmering history, deadly secrets, fashion, food, royalty, plus a heroine who can command gargoyles and who is head over heels in love, but has to put war first. It should hit all your comfort and adventure needs. Here's the blurb:

A kingdom divided. A rebellion rising. A crown ripe for the taking.

My witchcraft made a fortress soar from the earth, fracturing the kingdom in two. Once, the raja pictured me as his queen. Now, I lead the resistance against him. He plots against us in his white-washed palace, leveraging secrets to gain power, and it’s only a matter of time before he comes for us.

The kingdom is crying out for justice, but the seer’s visions have been off kilter since the reunion with her brother, and not all the rebels trust me. They know that the ancient gargoyles I command once spilled the blood of the people. They know that the raja excels at sinister games and even the brave fall to their knees before him. Like Deven, who has captured my heart, but whose battle to control his shifter self endangers us all.

As betrayal snakes towards us, we discover traitors within the rebel ranks and allies in unfathomable places. I make ever darker choices to protect my loved ones. Am I truly the queen this kingdom deserves if I resort to violence to claim the throne?

To Trick a Raja is the final novel in the Majestic Midlife Witch trilogy. If you are a fan of magic-wielding heroines, swoon-worthy romance and deadly secrets, this book is for you.

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