REAM Read-Along Community

I have news!

First, we must hop back in time to when I was at university, and how I would read and research my topics, mull over the ideas, but then start writing VERY late.

It's because I need the adrenalin for clarity. That's when everything seems to come together.

It's also why at university, I always ended writing through the night for the last few days. Then I'd run across campus in my PJs, my hair a mess, eyes bleary, just in time to hand over my work.

I have tried to change. That's just my pattern: kinky, frayed, and how my brain works. I heard the term 'phoenix writer' and it fits. Especially how wrecked I look at the end of a project.

Soooo, this read-along community, where you get early access to my work is just perfect.

I get a weekly deadline to share a chapter with you of my current manuscript. Which will definitely trick my brain out of phoenix mode into (insert reliable animal >>> horse? dog? donkey?) mode.

You get access to work-in-progress chapters, where you can interact with the novel (and even shape it) as it develops. I've worked hard to put together a whole host of perks, including: pin badges, getting your name in the book, handwritten letters, depending on the tier you choose.

Best of all, chapter 1 of my current manuscript To Trick a Raja is available for all followers. Or at least, I think it is. I'm learning the ropes as I go along. So take a peek and give me a follow.

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