Countdown to Big News

Spring is here

Photo by Angela Marie Henriette

Here in London, spring is finally in the air. The daffodils are in full bloom. In some ways it feels like I am coming out of hibernation. The youngest member of our brood is now three months old, and during the dark and dreary winter months we’ve been cocooned inside with the baby. Today, it was even warm enough this morning to pop the baby in a sling and head to the park to play tennis with our four year old.

It hasn’t been all mummy duties. While the baby is sleeping I’ve been eager to get back to my writing desk. My monthly critique group is in full swing, I’ve been blogging, as you know, and I’ve started working on a new short story.

Bedtime reading

I don’t share enough book recommendations here, let alone ones for children’s books, but this one is just gorgeous, and it’s one I’d dip into without the kids. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls initially started as a Kickstarter project. It’s a beautiful hardback, almost like a coffee table book. Each double spread centres on a story about an inspiring woman with an illustration alongside it. The book is written in fairy-tale style. It’s a good present for kids in junior school, and both our son and daughter love it. It is currently out of stock at many bookshops but well worth the wait.

Big news!

I have news to share next week, and I’m so excited. Readers on my email list are my secret club, in that they find out news first, so if you’d like to hear me spill the beans then consider signing up to my occasional newsletter.

Linked to the announcement I’ve decided to be known as Nillu Nasser going forward. Tweaking my writer name helps to separate my home life from my professional life, and Nillu Nasser is simpler to remember, I think. I’ve been busy updating my social media and website (now with the new name. I’ve tried to catch all the bugs, but if you do notice any glitches, let me know.

So, the countdown to the big news starts here, in…


Nillu xoxo

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