Death Spiral

Photo by Emilio Küffer

Look out, another election looms
to anoint a leader supreme
Deals made in boozy backrooms
Slippery beasts swimming upstream

Raised with silver spoons
Flaws as wide as a trench
Every whim pandered to by fools
Headed for the front bench

Destroyers of democracy
in cocaine-crusted mansions
Steeped in oodles of hypocrisy
Pushing murky transactions

A rabble fighting over
the keys to Downing Street
while the homeless are labelled stoners
of no concern to the so-called elite

A nation of once envied surety
corrupted by teflon liars
with precious little maturity
Human rights on a bonfire

Oh, but their glories:
The British mother in an Iranian prison
Towers of death and falling bodies
Careworn teachers and weary physicians

Bobbies underfunded, hospitals straining,
Windrush Brits driven from their homes
Youth services decimated, knife crime soaring,
Vultures waiting to feed on the corpses

While the country cracks along its spine
They spin the Brexit disco ball
Coked up in a chorus line
Party before country until our downfall

Once a proud nation,
Gases rising, species dying
now a clown nation,
Untruths and unicorns flying

Nothing punctures their vanity
Inglorious buffoons, over-reachers
in this land of Shakespeare, tea and cordiality
Haters, climate-deniers, pussy-grabbers

Generations in a cloud of grief
The country we knew is dying
More fig leaf than gold leaf
Our political class still vying

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