Friday Flash: The Snow Guardian

This time of year has passed in a flurry of activity as usual and I’m a bit gutted that I’ve not had time for longer pieces over the past few weeks. I will rectify that soon but for now what’s keeping me sane is flash fiction.

It’s year two of Flash! Friday, and the requirements this quarter are to write a 150 word story (10 word leeway) that is inspired by the photo prompt and to include an additional given element in your piece (this week it is ‘duty’). As a Flash! Friday judge, I’m not eligible to win, but here’s my entry for this week, inspired by @TheGrahamMilne talking about ‘snowmen standing valiant guard’ in his recent post about Christmas:

The Snow Guardian

Photo by Petritap

I have watched over Susie since the first time she built me. Her tinkling laugh warmed my ice-cold heart as she piled glistening snowflakes upon each other. I stood proudly on her papa’s ranch, her guardian on the darkest nights of the year. She remade me year after year with diminishing care but I remembered the first year and my love for her remained unchanged.

When she was eleven I watched from afar as they told her her papa wouldn’t be coming home. My cold touch could not comfort her in her grief so I pledged to continue my silent watch over her. When the sun’s rays begin to melt my form, I trickle into the earth, duty-bound to return the following year. 

Susie is thirty now and I am a lack-lustre, lop-sided parody. She is a sombre woman but I remind her of the child she once was. And that is enough for us both.

– ENDS –

Here are some #FridayPhrases:


My soul is black & my will forged in fire. I never forgive. When the night is still & you least expect it, I will come for you. I am vengeance #FP

He was a good man but he craved respect above all else. As his ego grew, his friends walked away. Loneliness was a bitter lesson #FP


An aching black hole opened at her core as she walked through the fields of poppies. He took her future with him when he fell #FP

‘You should be asleep, Clara. You’ll have to come home with me now.’ She looked at his snowy beard in wonder as her ears grew pointy #FP

Join in @amicgood’s #FP each Friday by tweeting and retweeting stories or poems in 140 characters. Hope to see you there next week.

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