My Wishes for You

Happy new year to you all! 

I hope the coming decade is kind to you: that you grow wiser and softer, that you enjoy good health, long walks and wonderful books, that joy and comfort never leave your side, that long-buried dreams find the light and you always find your way through storms. 

If you feel lost, I hope you find your path. Be gentle with yourself. It’s okay to be human and flawed and to not have figured everything out. You don’t always have to be a supernova. We have natural tides of stagnation, regression and progression. Times when we can surge, and times when we must be patient, times when incremental steps add up to something special. 

I’ve spent too much of this past year letting the chaos of the world distract from my personal goals. This year, I hope to cocoon myself more. Don’t let the heaviness of the world take root inside of you. Back your causes, shine your light and contribute to the community around you but don’t forget to nourish yourself. 

Wishing you blue skies,


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