Starry Universe

Photo by Alice Popkorn

When humankind flounders in the shadows
and the gods weep for a lost world,
when tyrants roam our shores
and women wear pearls at their necks
to detract from the fear in their eyes


So long as there is life
and the trees grow silent and steadfast
so long as the sun caresses your skin
and gusts of wind refresh your weary head
so long as a swim in the salty ocean
soothes the red welt of your heart
and the moon illuminates your misdeeds
when your head rests on your pillow
so long as you can feel sorrow and love
there is hope

And if all fails
– your best efforts and most fervent prayers –
do not despair

We are but a speck in the starry universe
happily insignificant
incapable of destroying that
which we cannot reach

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