Sunshine Award

I won my first ever blogging award, the Sunshine Award :-). It’s given to bloggers who ‘positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.’

Did I just hear you say ‘speech!’? Well, ok then. Thanks first to @West1Jess for nominating and inspiring me.  Thanks also to my husband, my mum, my wonderfully efficient and strokeable Mac….kidding!

To accept the award, I’ve been asked to list ten things about myself and then nominate ten other bloggers for the award. Here goes!

Ten things about me
  • When we were children, my brother used to wait until my parents were out of sight and do Bret Hitman Hart’s sharp shooter move on me. It hurt like hell.
  • My dad has an awesome moustache. It’s pretty big as ‘taches go. I’ve never seen him without one.
  • My favourite thing in the world is hearing people laugh. I love watching laughter too: the crinkling around the eyes, the freedom of it. One of my favourite laughs is my nani’s. She is in her 70s and sounds like a giggling school girl.  Then there’s my friend Sal, who has an infectious, dirty laugh. It’s wonderful.
  • If there is no other chocolate in the house I fetch the Nutella jar and a spoon. There is never any guilt. A woman and chocolate belong together.
  • Tracks certain to get me out of my armchair are Placebo’s The Bitter End and Muse’s Starlight.  If I’m really down and need a quick turn around, my go to album is Madonna’s Immaculate. Yes, I am that old. And I can be that cheesy.
  • I like the freedom that comes with forgetting my phone at home but if I’m without my laptop for more than a day, my fingers start to twitch.
  • I have become an expert frog catcher as a by-product of our cats’ crazy hunting abilities.  Frog in the kitchen. Frog in the living room. Frog under the sofa. If it happens to you, you know who to call. Any other ‘gifts’ and that’ll be me cowering in the bedroom.
  • Good writing days effect my body language: I stand taller. I also smile more.
  • My idea of heaven is taking a long candlelit bubble bath when it’s dark outside and reading a good book while I soak. That is until my fingers get wrinkly. Then I freak out.
  • Joining Twitter has boosted my writing productivity. I feel inspired and supported by my fellow nominees and the bloggers I am nominating for the award.

Ten nominees

Huma Munshi

Reh of Light

An Ark Hive

B.G. Bowers

The Crayon Parlour

Changing Skin and Other Stories

Dazzling & Evil Me

Magic and Marvels

Rubber Ducky Copywriter

The Write Shadow

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