WordPress Family Award


Taylor Eaton of Little Write Lies has just nominated me for the WordPress Family Award, which is given to those who make other WordPress bloggers feel like part of the family. What a lovely way to start the new year! For those of you who haven’t checked out Taylor’s blog yet, please do. I’m in complete awe of Taylor’s energy, passion and her prose. Taylor is also co-founder of The Sprint Shack, a home for word sprint lovers and writing advice.

In order to accept the award, I must nominate six other bloggers who have made me feel at home here on WordPress. I’ve made some wonderful friendships since I started blogging last year, and what a wonderful way this is to say thank you to bloggers who have inspired me and been so welcoming and generous with their support. Here goes:

Rachael Spellman – CelenaGaia – Rach was the first blogger, who caught my eye when I joined WordPress. She blogs both articles and fiction, and has the courage to be personal in her writing. Her short story Terminal is a gem. Her writing wisdom is second to none and is full of useful examples.

Jessica P. West – Jessica blogs fiction and writing advice. She got me hooked on flash fiction. Her stories can be under 200 words and she can still move me to tears. Always supportive, always fun. I wish I had more of her drive.

Graham Milne – Graham’s Crackers – Graham blogs about a range of topics including writing and movies. He has a keen eye and a beautiful turn of phrase, and even better, writes perceptively about the the portrayal of women onscreen. I cannot wait to read his novel, a fantasy written in the first person about a woman with magic.

Amira Makansi – The Z-Axis – Co-author of The Sowing (which has a knock-out opening scene and a great cast of characters – seriously, go buy it) who blogs articles, writer interviews and book reviews.

Roger – An Ark Hive – Horror isn’t usually my thing, but Roger’s writing has changed my mind. He blogs short stories and micro-fiction.

Drew Chial –  Drew blogs poetry, lyrics, stories, audio-shorts and articles. There’s been times when I’ve read his blog and his words have crystallised what I had started to think but not arrived at yet.

If you haven’t checked out the work of these wonderful writers and bloggers, please do. Each of them has quirks and a unique voice. They inspire, make me smile and they don’t hold back on the truth.  Just what I like in my writers ;-)

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