Reviewers Club

If you enjoy Nillu Z Nasser’s books, she’d love for you to be a part of her Reviewers Club

– You receive free e-books of new releases in mobi or epub format
– You are admitted into a Facebook Group where you can discuss her newest release with other readers and can ask the author questions (not essential if you choose not to participate)

– Places in in the Reviewers Club are limited. Once the club is full, applicants will be put on a waiting list for their preferred genre (literary fiction or fantasy)
– Reviewers are asked to post their review to their online bookshop of choice and Goodreads within the timeline provided. There will always be at least 2 weeks notice
– If you find yourself unable to review, please email Nillu’s team before the end of the review period to let them know, adding whether you still wish to be a part of the club for the next release
– Your reviews are entirely your own, but if our interaction does not remain respectful, Nillu reserves the right to rescind your place in the Reviewers Club

How to Join
– Please email write [at] nillunasser [dot] com with ‘Reviewers Club’ in the subject line
– Say whether you’ve reviewed Nillu’s books before
– Say why you decided to join the club (‘Books are everything! I am in love with Yusuf! Echo is my alter ego! I need inside access to your work!’)
– We’ll get back to you within two days with a response