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Midlife News: Druid Heir Book 3 (Paperback)

Midlife News: Druid Heir Book 3 (Paperback)

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“You are an accomplished woman, but even you cannot withstand a current that has been churning for centuries.”

One minute, I’m just your average forty-year-old Londoner, past my sell-by date and going nowhere. The next, I’ve animated a dragon, kicked a few godly backsides and become an overnight sensation. My head is spinning. What I need is peace and quiet to catch my breath and enjoy the first flushes of my relationship with half-werewolf half-wizard Ezra. What I get is a taste of being a celebrity. And I don’t like it one bit. 

As if midlife couldn’t get more challenging, dark omens appear quicker than I sprout grey hair. First, Ezra is called in to investigate dead wolves found on pack land. Then the last raven leaves the Tower of London, provoking fears that Crown and country will fall. But the senate couldn’t care less, and their breezy indifference means my middle finger gets a workout.

As enemies close in, the goddess Gaia is too busy in pursuit of the perfect cup of chai to be of any use. I can’t deny that I’m a druid with a flair for magic, a nose for trouble and a drawerful of big knickers unlikely to impress a new lover. Can I put my own needs aside and prove once and for all that I’m a match for anyone in my path?

For fans of Paranormal Women’s Fiction and magic-wielding heroines in their midlife.


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