Urban Fantasy

Nillu writes fantasy under the pen name N. Z. Nasser, published by her imprint Hanora Sky Press.

She loves the balance that the two strands bring to her work. Literary fiction is often about surviving the world. Fantasy is about saving it. It’s atmospheric, magical and escapist, and a whole heap of fun to write.

The complete DRUID HEIR series (books 1 – 7) are now available for purchase. If you’re a fan of Paranormal Women’s Fiction, Urban Fantasy and magic-wielding heroines over forty, you’ll love this series. There are also two short stories and a bonus epilogue in the Druid Heir world for newsletter subscribers.

MIDLIFE DAWN: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel (DRUID HEIR BOOK 1)

Shivers of excitement shot up my spine. It was time to draw a line under the past and find a new me.

By forty, I thought I’d be living my best life. When my idiot husband gambles away our savings, I divorce him and try not to kick him in the nuts when he fights me for custody of my cat. I throw myself into teaching English and survival skills to anyone unlucky enough to land in my night class in godforsaken London.

That is, until my mum dies in a car crash and I suspect foul play. That’s when it really gets weird. Mum’s barely cold in the ground when my cat goes missing. To top it all, the Metropolitan Police don’t seem to have heard of the detective investigating the accident. My first instinct is to have a nap and hope it all goes away, but I’m my mother’s daughter. Secrets set me off like a bloodhound.

When a mysterious man tells me I’m the last of an ancient magical druid lineage, I laugh in his face, but I’m intrigued. I want to believe there’s more to life than a messy divorce and a dead-end career. It doesn’t seem crazy to follow him into the undergrowth in Crystal Palace Park. Not even when I hear my cat telling me to stop.

To avenge my mum and survive a new magical world, I just need to pull on my control pants and hold on for the ride.


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MIDLIFE TREMORS: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel (DRUID HEIR BOOK 2)

“You have neither your grandmother’s talents, druid, nor her beauty, but you can make something of yourself yet.”

My friends and I might have saved the day against a vengeful god, but I still don’t know the first thing about the Otherworld. There’s training sessions with my mentor Ezra, history lessons with the vampire Orpheus, plus my haunting dragon dreams. It’s not easy to stay on track, especially given how distracted I am by Ezra’s crinkly eyes and hot bod. Who knew that a new love at forty would give me dewy skin and a renewed zest for life?

When a series of earthquakes hits London, the Prime Sorcerer advises me to focus on my upcoming magical trial at Wildwoods. But I’m my own woman, and my instincts tell me to dig deeper even before the goddess Gaia invites me to tea. It’s not like I’m going to pass the trial anyway. I’ve already made enough enemies in the Otherworld to fill a granny annex. 

To find my place in the Otherworld, all I have to do is gather my allies and trust myself. How hard could that be?


MIDLIFE NEWS: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel (DRUID HEIR BOOK 3)

“You are an accomplished woman, but even you cannot withstand a current that has been churning for centuries.”

One minute, I’m just your average forty-year-old Londoner, past my sell-by date and going nowhere. The next, I’ve animated a dragon, kicked a few godly backsides and become an overnight sensation. My head is spinning. What I need is peace and quiet to catch my breath and enjoy the first flushes of my relationship with half-werewolf half-wizard Ezra. What I get is a taste of being a celebrity. And I don’t like it one bit. 

As if midlife couldn’t get more challenging, dark omens appear quicker than I sprout grey hair. First, Ezra is called in to investigate dead wolves found on pack land. Then the last raven leaves the Tower of London, provoking fears that Crown and country will fall. But the senate couldn’t care less, and their breezy indifference means my middle finger gets a workout.

As enemies close in, the goddess Gaia is too busy in pursuit of the perfect cup of chai to be of any use. I can’t deny that I’m a druid with a flair for magic, a nose for trouble and a drawerful of big knickers unlikely to impress a new lover. Can I put my own needs aside and prove once and for all that I’m a match for anyone in my path?


MIDLIFE DRIFT: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel (DRUID HEIR BOOK 4)

“Real power is not grasping or vengeful. It is quiet, but it is still fierce. It is a whisper you hear inside yourself.”

By now, my hopes of a quiet life in the Otherworld are dead and buried. I’ve accepted that I’m the prophesied eternal girl, but Ezra wants me to keep it under wraps. We can’t be certain unless I step into a tank with the magical octopus, and I’ve had quite enough of batty Wildwoods rituals, thank you very much.

When I receive an offer to turbo charge my druid training, I jump into the deep end and don’t flinch. A new threat is rising. I can feel it in my waters, even before Dad is kidnapped and I’m forced into working with my wayward brother. To make matters worse, a rogue goddess emerges to take Londoners to their watery grave.

With Ezra now a senator and Marina knee-deep in researching how to keep me safe, my allies are few and far between, but I still have my trusty leopard. A visit to an otherworldly chiropractor to fend off the midlife aches and I’m ready to live up to my true potential. I’ll be damned if Dad and countless others succumb to dark undercurrents on my watch.


MIDLIFE PORTALS: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel (DRUID HEIR BOOK 5)

I’d animate gargoyles and vampire finches if that’s what it took to keep my loved ones safe. 

I’ve earned the grudging respect of London’s Otherworld, and I’m ready to enjoy my second chance at love with Ezra. But trouble still comes knocking. The old gods are rising, even the ones I’ve defeated before. They haven’t forgiven me for thwarting them. I might be a druid wielding Death’s sword, but without the Jericho necklace, I’m as exposed as a middle-aged jogger without a sports bra.

Not even Wildwoods is a haven anymore. Especially when suspicions mount up that the Prime Sorcerer is acting against us. A woman in her midlife knows how to stand her ground, but confronting him is a dangerous game and risks ripping a chasm through the magical community.

When my friends are sucked into the orbit of danger, it’s clear that none of us can escape unscathed and I’ll have to take greater risks than ever before. Will we walk away with our lives, or will I be left with a knicker drawer full of regret?  


MIDLIFE PORTALS: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel (DRUID HEIR BOOK 5)

“Dreams are such fragile things. Nebulous wishes oxygenated by slumber. You enjoyed a taste of your dream. Now I will turn it into blackened ash.”

So the Father of the Gods is alive, and Gaia kept it a secret from me. Not only that, but the Earth goddess is now ashes in the wind, and it’s up to me to figure out how to resurrect her. As the solar eclipse nears, the trees at Wildwoods curl unnaturally, but the senate is too busy clashing over its next leader to notice.

Like all women in midlife, I juggle balls like a circus act. There’s my broken heart to nurse, a lusty vampire to fend off and a grieving fire fairy to parent. Not in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be a mother. The world might need the eternal girl, but Mirabel needs plain old me. Her grief threatens to ignite an inferno, and part-time mothering just isn’t going to cut it. Especially when the dream god and his djinn target her.

I yearn to win back Ezra and give Mirabel the home she deserves, but I have to live up to my gran’s legacy and stop the gods. My gran, who put magic above everything. With my personal life and magical destiny colliding more than ever before, will I be forced to walk away from the daughter I’ve always wanted?


MIDLIFE BATTLE: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel (DRUID HEIR BOOK 7)

My nails made little moons in my palms. Middle-aged women might have froth and bubble on their upper layers but underneath, we were tidal waves. 

Death is coming for me, of that there is no doubt. My hair greys quicker than before, as if she already has a grip. Life with Ezra and our daughter is joyful, but the city is strange. Footsteps trail in the snow where no man has walked. An unexpected migration of birds clouds the London sky. The book buried in the grove of the cottage whispers to me, even though I ignore it. 

When the Wild Hunt sounds its horns and the blue goddess rides, the drumbeat of doom fills the Otherworld. Gaia is jittery, more bride than warrior. I am her champion, though I have no experience of leading an army. Though I prefer compassion to my obsidian blade. As magical factions take sides, the only constant is treachery. The new Prime Sorceress wants an alliance, but after her betrayal of Ezra, how can I trust her?

As my power curls within me, Rayna’s diaries illuminate a way out of the darkness and I dare to hope destiny favours me. It all comes down to this. Blood, graft, loyal friends and a handful of multivitamins. Together, we’ll stop the rogue gods from reforging humanity in their hateful image. Together, we must find a way to cheat Death or lose it all.


THE MAGICAL GRANDMOTHER: A Druid Heir In Between Story (0.5)

A prequel short story in the DRUID HEIR world. 

Rajika Verma is a grandmother. She is also Custodian of a library amongst the stars. What happens when the Celestial Library needs her on the night she is babysitting her grandchildren?

Available exclusively to newsletter subscribers.

A FIRST DATE IN PARIS: A Druid Heir In Between Story (1.5)

A short story between Midlife Dawn and Midlife Tremors, written from Ezra’s perspective.

Ezra and Alisha go on their first date and we find out a little more about the werewolves.

Available exclusively to newsletter subscribers.

Cover Art by D. Robert Pease


Available in e-book from Amazon US and Amazon UK

Nillu’s fantasy short story ‘The Tombstone Man and the Coming of the Tigress’ originally appeared in UnCommon Origins (June 2016) and UnCommonly Good (April 2017).

Jermaine Wyoming lives in a cemetery, isolated from the world, obsessed with the idea of replacing the memories of his harrowing childhood with new ones. 

Lana Norse is seventeen years old and suffers from a debilitating disease that promises to rob her of her future. Jermaine and Lana’s fates intertwine as the boundaries of their worlds blur and it becomes difficult to tell what’s real from what is not.