One midsummer’s day, after the seasons had become muddled, I walked in hail to our local park and found a woman huddled underneath an old oak tree. She didn’t have language, but when beckoned she followed me back to my home where I fed her hot soup and told her I would provide for her […]

The baby is a year old, and though he is not sleeping through the night, I’m finally starting to feel like my own person again. This littlest one of ours has had the most demanding baby year, or perhaps it has been harder for us all because he has had to slot into the needs […]

This post appeared first on Rambling Lisa’s Book Reviews. A huge thanks to Lisa for hosting me. Visit her website for a giveaway and scroll down after the article for an exclusive excerpt of All the Tomorrows, which launches in two weeks! All the Tomorrows is written mostly from the perspective of newlyweds Jaya and […]

It’s Virginia Woolf’s birthday today. She was born 134 years ago, and died in 1941 at the age of 59, driven to commit suicide by her depression. I can see the scene in my mind’s eye: her gaunt frame, mournful eyes, walking with weighted pockets into a river. I’m unsure whether the image in my […]

I’ve been thinking about the beauty of same sex friendships. For me, there is an emotional security – the German word is ‘Geborgenheit’ and describes this more accurately – about friendships between members of the same sex. I don’t have any sisters though I always wanted one. The bond between sisters seems a magical one, […]