Friday Flash Fiction

#FridayPhrases Where were you for this week’s #FP? #FridayPhrases were initiated by @amicgood a few weeks ago.  The idea is to tweet a story or poem within 140 characters, follow the hashtag and retweet the ones you like.  It doesn’t take much time, and it’s addictive. Here are mine: She sliced through the water silently, her… Read More Friday Flash Fiction


This Week’s #FridayPhrases

As mentioned last week, @amicgood initiated #FridayPhrases/#FP on Twitter. Here is a link to her proposal. Here are my #FridayPhrases from this week: I passed the homeless girl’s doorway today. I used to avoid her eyes. Now she’s not there I miss her. #FP Autumn leaves were falling.  She couldn’t give up the comfort of her ballet… Read More This Week’s #FridayPhrases


Feeling Like a Writing Fraud

It’s no secret to followers of this blog or my twitter account (@nzstelter) that I write.  I write daily.  I write reports, briefings, proposals and correspondence for my day job.  In my own time, I continue writing.  I journal, write stories or blog posts.  I invent stories for my daughter.  Writing allows me to crystallise… Read More Feeling Like a Writing Fraud