For a long time I thought this public side of the process was something I wouldn’t enjoy. I love blogging because it feels intimate. Writing a book, for the most part, is an intensely private process. Once that book has been born, however, the job shifts into something else. It isn’t doesn’t feel natural to me, talking about myself. What I didn’t realise though, is how wonderful it is hearing other people talk about the characters I have spent so long living with. Thank you for that gift, my early readers.

Launch Activities 

Some of you may have noticed me posting some of my favourite lines from the novel on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages over the weekend. I’ll be doing that today too. Just message/tweet me a page number from 1-289 and I’ll respond with a tiny snippet from the book.

To mark launch day, I have been brave and posted my very first video online of me reading from All the Tomorrows. I know I find it strange knowing someone through their words, and only much later hearing their voice. I wonder how you’ll find it. There’s a whole heap of bloopers on the YouTube channel too!

My launch activities are a mix of author interviews, guest posts, giveaways and reviews. I’ll keep the list updated. A huge thank you to the book bloggers and fellow writers who are supporting All the Tomorrows. I’ve been blown away by your kindness and professionalism.

I won’t be having a launch party this time around. But you can bet your best high heels and slinkiest black dress that we’ll be having a party when books two and three have been published by my wonderful team at Evolved Publishing.

There will, of course, be celebrations. The champagne has been on ice for MONTHS! And I hope you’ll celebrate with me. I hope you’ll buy the book, and tell your friends and family about it, and that you’ll fall in love with the characters, and celebrate them, mourn them, and review the book when you’ve read the last page. I’m so grateful for your support.


By Sheila Sund

I have a special launch day giveaway for you. Hooray! I’ll be giving away a signed paperback of All the Tomorrows (open internationally), together with a selection of origami bookmarks.

The two closest runners up will each receive an e-book of the novel and a set of ATT postcards. To enter, subscribe to my newsletter and send an email to write [at] nillunasser [dot] com guessing how many times the word ‘sun’ appears in the novel. Winners will be announced in the comments on 14 November.


Sometimes we can’t escape the webs we are born into. Sometimes we are the architects of our own fall.

Akash Choudry wants a love for all time, not an arranged marriage. Still, under the weight of parental hopes, he agrees to one. He and Jaya marry in a cloud of colour and spice in Bombay. Their marriage has barely begun when Akash embarks on an affair.

Jaya cannot contemplate sharing her husband with another woman, or looking past his indiscretions as her mother suggests. Cornered by sexual politics, she takes her fate into her own hands in the form of a lit match.

Nothing endures fire. As shards of their past threaten their future, will Jaya ever bloom into the woman she can be, and will redemption be within Akash’s reach?

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