Fantasy/Paranormal Women’s Fiction

Druid Heir: 

The Magical Grandmother, Short Story 0.5 
Midlife Dawn, Book 1
A First Date in Paris, Short Story 1.5
Midlife Tremors, Book 2
Midlife News, Book 3
Midlife Drift, Book 4
Midlife Portals, Book 5
Midlife Eclipse, Book 6
Midlife Battle, Book 7
Midlife Battle, Bonus Epilogue 7.5

Majestic Midlife Witch: 

To Become a Witch, Short Story 0.5
To Save a Sister, Book 1
To Curse a Rival, Book 2
To Trick a Raja, Book 3
Standalone short story:

The Tombstone Man and the Coming of the Tigress