Cover Reveal Countdown and Sneak Preview of All the Tomorrows

Here, just for fun, are some of my favourite book covers of all time. What are yours?

Yesterday, I posted the book blurb for All the Tomorrows. Today, I’m sharing the opening scene of the novel – which has been edited by the wonderful Jessica West – with you:

Chapter 1

The sun hung like a molten pendant on the horizon as Akash rolled away from his sleeping wife. He cursed as the bed creaked in protest, threatening to wake Jaya. He tiptoed across their bedroom, heavy with the Indian heat, and stubbed his toe in his eagerness to escape the confines of his marriage and reach his lover. In his arms he carried neatly folded clothes, and he eased through the door without a look back.

Safely on the other side of the threshold, Akash’s heart rate slowed. He dressed quickly and headed out into the daylight, where honking rickshaws already jostled for space on the road despite the early hour. He threaded his way to university through littered streets, where rats the size of his forearm fought with street urchins for the right to scraps.

“Soraya.” Her name felt like sherbet on his tongue.

Fifteen minutes later, he turned a corner into the university grounds, and there she sat on a bench nestled amongst roses, a woman secure in the knowledge of her own beauty and her hold on him.


Thanks so much for being part of this journey, everyone, and see you tomorrow for the reveal. One day to go!



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