Friday Flash Fiction


Where were you for this week’s #FP? #FridayPhrases were initiated by @amicgood a few weeks ago.  The idea is to tweet a story or poem within 140 characters, follow the hashtag and retweet the ones you like.  It doesn’t take much time, and it’s addictive. Here are mine:

She sliced through the water silently, her muscles working hard, her skin gleaming. Up in the rafters, he watched her, smiling & unnoticed. #FP

She was fed up of the constant drone of the TV. One day, when the kids were out, she shoved it violently off its perch & blamed it on the dog. #FP

He’d liked her for wks. He’d even brought her the best conkers. It was all over when his mum kissed him full on the lips in the playground. #FP

‘All day I preen & purr & rub up against you. You barely look at me. Well, fine!’ she thought, jumping over the fence into the neighbour’s arms. #FP

‘Well, how about that? Little Miss Perfect has a run in her tights,’ he thought, before slamming into the glass wall. She turned & cackled. #FP

She longed for the ocean’s gentle lapping waves & cleansing salt. Only seagulls saw her walk into its depth, leaving her sandals in the bay. #FP


Here’s my entry (and the photo prompt) for today’s Flash! Friday competition hosted by @postupak:

Master and Me (Photo prompt/11.10.13)

My master is down there.  He slipped from the cliff top during our morning walk.  It was just past dawn and the emerging sun cast a hazy light across the landscape.  He fell without a whimper.  I guess his eyes aren’t what they used to be.  I haven’t looked over the cliff top yet.  I want to take a moment to feel the breeze in my coat, to take in this marvellous vista without being hurried along, to taste the freedom of not being tied to a leash, of being alone.

I did love him once, the silly old fool.  When I was a pup we used to roll around together in the daisy field and afterwards he’d chase me home.  Then his interest waned.  I hadn’t pictured my future to be one of lacklustre coexistence. I wanted the real deal.

I can hear a scrabbling at the rock face and it almost pulls at my heartstrings.  We were supposed to be man and beast.  Oh, it could have been so beautiful between us.  But as I look down at my matted fur, I make my decision.  I want to be my own man now.  It’s probably too late to help now anyway.  This view, it really is to die for.

– ENDS –

This week @postupak also posted about an opportunity to be one of the judges in an upcoming Flash! Friday contest.  If you are interested in applying, find out more here.

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