Moon Landing

Photo by Emilio Kuffer

A while back, Samuel Peralta, an author I have long admired from afar, and whose posts here on the book of faces often make me stop and think, dreamed up a wonderful contemporary arts and culture project called The Lunar Codex.

The project involves sending books, art and film in digital and analog form to the moon in time capsules. They will be hitching a ride on a NASA mission.
He just announced that he has chosen anthologies I am part of to include in The Lunar Codex. I’m so thrilled to be a small part of such amazing project alongside such a diverse, talented group of authors.
A big thanks to Samuel and also to the curators and editors of Uncommon Origins, Uncommonly Good and the feminist anthology Mosaics II, which chose my short stories in the first place. I’ve fallen out of the habit of submitting short stories but really should do it more often. They open doors like this.
You can read more about The Lunar Codex here.
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