My Facebook Reader Group: Nasser’s Book Nymphs

Earlier this week, on a whim, I started a Facebook reader group called Nasser’s Book Nymphs. It was daunting to take the leap, but I like the idea of talking about my thoughts and work behind closed doors.

I’d love you to come and join us in there. I’ve been making lots of fun games and it’s a welcoming place to be if you’re bookish sort like me, who needs a bit of silly and warmth to brighten your day.

If you want to be in first in the know for book and personal news, plus games and giveaways, you can find Nasser’s Book Nymphs here.

I also run a Facebook reader group for readers of paranormal fiction, together with some other lovely authors. You can find Divining Tales here. We’ve got some lovely plans coming together for the next few weeks, so please come and be a part of it.

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