Release Day: Midlife Portals, Druid Heir Book 5

First up, it’s launch day for MIDLIFE PORTALS, Druid Heir Book 5 . I’m so excited about this one. I think it might be the best yet. It features:

- A magic-wielding woman over 40

Action adventure

Friends like family

- Gods and goddesses

- Stonehenge

- A second chance at love

The old gods are rising, even the ones Alisha has defeated before. Alisha’s friends are in danger and not even Wildwoods is a safe haven anymore. Plus it has a love scene that made my husband blush!

The e-book is exclusive to Amazon and is also available in Kindle Unlimited. The paperback will be available at all retailers later this week. 


I’d animate gargoyles and vampire finches if that’s what it took to keep my loved ones safe.

I have earned the grudging respect of London’s Otherworld, and I’m ready to enjoy my second chance at love with Ezra. But trouble still comes knocking. The old gods are rising, even the ones I’ve defeated before. They haven’t forgiven me for thwarting them. I might be a druid wielding Death’s sword, but without the Jericho necklace, I’m as exposed as a middle-aged jogger without a sports bra.

Not even Wildwoods is a haven anymore. Especially when suspicions mount up that the Prime Sorcerer is acting against us. A woman in her midlife knows how to stand her ground, but confronting him is a dangerous game and risks ripping a chasm through the magical community.

When my friends are sucked into the orbit of danger, it’s clear that none of us can escape unscathed and I’ll have to take greater risks than ever before. Will we walk away with our lives, or will I be left with a knicker drawer full of regret? 

Grab it here.


Second up, is my launch plans!

To celebrate the release of Midlife Portals, I’ve put Midlife Dawn on sale for 0.99 until the end of Friday only. Grab it here.

I’ve also got a new book reading going up in my reader group, in addition to a giveaway of all 5 books in the Druid Heir series to one lucky reader. Join Nasser’s Nymphs here.

Finally, I’ll be hosting a launch party with giveaways in the Fab 13’s PWF group on Friday. Here’s the link.

So much to organise and so much fun to be had!


Next up, ‘The Magical Grandmother’, my prequel short story in the Druid Heir world is back from my editor!  squeals with excitement

It is such a fun story, perfect for Druid Heir beginners and also for those of you have already fallen in love with this world. Lots of Easter eggs for you. It’s my way of saying thank you for all your support.

You can get it here by signing up for my PWF/Fantasy newsletter (it’s a newsletter exclusive).

Enjoy the new stories!



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