Release Day: To Save a Sister (Majestic Midlife Witch Book 1)

Every time I start a new story, especially a new series, I wonder if I can do it again. But here it is at last, the culmination of a process that can be both tough and effortless. I live for those effortless moments, when the words pour onto the page.

I’ve been sharing teasers all week and it’s finally release day for TO SAVE A SISTER, the first novel in my MAJESTIC MIDLIFE WITCH series, for fans of magic-wielding heroines in their midlife. 

This story has what you’ve come to expect from my fantasy books. Its pages are full of courage and understanding, and flashes of my Indian culture. There’s secrets to unravel, pockets of magic, royalty, sweeping fashion and powerful women trying to do the right thing.

There’s pottery too. I like how pottery can be a metaphor for new possibilities and making new shapes of our lives, and how a smashed pot isn’t the end of the world. Sometimes, sweeping away shards or glueing them back together makes room for something new. Sometimes, getting your hands dirty feels good.

I’m so excited for you to meet Kiya and her sisters as they uncover the past and all they are capable of 💖🥂

TO SAVE A SISTER features:

💜 Hidden kingdom

💜 Found family

💜 Action adventure

💜 Witches

💜 Shifters

💜 Secret passageways

💜 Gargoyles

💜 Enemies to lovers

💜 Diverse characters

Available in e-book via Kindle Unlimited and Kindle. The paperback is available wide. Signed copies will be available from my website later this week 📘😘. 


My sister was magic. They killed her. They say we are magic too.

Three sisters living together in their forties has its challenges. Life is humming along just fine if you overlook our clashing personalities, codependency issues and romances that fizzle out before they ignite. 

When our oldest sister’s personality changes overnight, we plan a boozy lunch to chase away the midlife blues. We find her in our kitchen, battling a troop of men dressed like Indian royalty. Sitara summons a tempest from the washing-up bowl to protect herself. But it’s not enough to save her life. 

There’s no time to work out if magic is real. Her killers whisk us away to a hidden kingdom ruled by a seductive raja. Here, we must prove we’re not witches. I may be from a sleepy English coastal town, but I can hold my own. I flirt with danger, hell-bent on uncovering the truth of my sister’s death. 

Will I find out what lurks beneath the golden silks and exotic colours of our kidnapper’s home before I lose another sister to this perilous, new world?

To Save a Sister (Majestic Midlife Witch Book 1)

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