Rock of Your Own

Photo by Kain Kalju

Who does not feel small
in a universe
basked in starlight?

Like faithless pilgrims
we trudge
the road alone

We turn towards the shrill
ensnared by the quest
for riches and popularity

Forgetting serenity
is the pauses
between breaths

Progressless march
halted at our last breath
or before – as luck would have it

Divine coincidence
to have been found by you
the day it rained indoors

A rock in the ocean
a lifeboat, a lighthouse
my religion

Tangible love
that warms our bodies
and builds temples from dust

We fit together
like two silver spoons
moulded as one

Through him I remember
the joy of cat stretches
when the day sits heavily

He finds the faith
I have lost, tethers me
when the storm rages

Is there anything
more beautiful
than quiet strength?

Should the universe
be unforgiving and
your passions crumble

Remember out there
is a rock
all of your own

A silent supporter
a warm hand
belief that outlasts your own

And walk into the night
cloaked in calm
knowing that you are loved

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