Secret Project Reveal: Druid Heir Series

I’m so excited to share my secret project with you. During the pandemic I decided to write something lighter. Fantasy is a natural fit. I wanted to write something where the heroine is saving the world, not just surviving it.

That’s when I discovered Paranormal Women’s Fiction. It’s a cross of urban fantasy, mystery and women’s fiction, in which middle-aged women discover they have magic and kick arse. I have a new pen name, N. Z. Nasser, and a new story world. It has been so fun to write.
Today, I want you to meet Alisha Verma, my sassy heroine, who is finding out she is so much more than she ever dreamed of. The image quote is from MIDLIFE DAWN, DRUID HEIR BOOK 1.
My wonderful editor @jeni.chappelle has turned her keen eye on the first novel in the series already. It will be released in October and I’d love you to support and share it.
I’ll be revealing more quotes, the cover, blurb and preorder links over the next few weeks. But if you can’t wait until then, sign up to my fantasy newsletter for early reveals and the opportunity for an Advanced Review Copy.
I can’t wait for Alisha and her friends to steal your heart.
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