This Week’s #FridayPhrases

As mentioned last week, @amicgood initiated #FridayPhrases/#FP on Twitter. Here is a link to her proposal.

Here are my #FridayPhrases from this week:

I passed the homeless girl’s doorway today. I used to avoid her eyes. Now she’s not there I miss her. #FP

Autumn leaves were falling.  She couldn’t give up the comfort of her ballet pumps despite her cold ankles. CRUNCH. SQUELCH. ‘Bloody snails!’ #FP

She was ready for battle: Hair ironed sleek, lips painted a deep cranberry, warrior posture. Bk at home her strength deserted her & she crumbled. #FP

‘Mummy, mummy!’ she said excitedly, her plump fingers pointing at the furry balls of orange.  Behind them, the vixen approached. #FP

It was fun coming up with these on Friday and reading everyone else’s.  Hope to see yours next week too.

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