You will Soar

Photo by Leanne Surfleet

A thousands suns can’t melt
the ivy veneer of your heart
No child’s smile can chase the shadows
from the caves of your mind

You dive into wells of loneliness
swim amongst sewer rats
convinced it’s where you belong
your body a mummified corpse, sinking

Come, let my words gush
over you, seal the holes in your being
till you need no validation but your own
and you are sated by love

Let your broken heart be fortified
but stay soft, and when you search for light
may it no longer hide from
the void of hope in you

There will come a day
when you’ll not fear the quiet
your demons will be chained
and you’ll find sanctuary at last

You’ll uncover your dormant strength
untether your burdens
your body curtained with scars, but lighter
and you, too, will soar

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