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To Curse a Rival: Majestic Midlife Witch 2 (Paperback)

To Curse a Rival: Majestic Midlife Witch 2 (Paperback)

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Three magical sisters. A raja with claws. A labyrinth of deceit.

Darkness wakens in Jalapashu. In this kingdom, silks are soaked in blood, and bones bend like boughs. To survive, my witch sisters and I must buckle up and learn fast.

The seer is gone. Her parrot warns that we must find her before time runs out. We unravel the raja’s tangled web of corruption, discovering how many people he has wronged. None more so than the enigmatic general, whose terrible curse means he can’t shift into his true form. I take refuge in his soft kisses, but our deepening chemistry is just another secret to keep.

With black magic closing in, the raja’s wrath is one misstep away. I captivate him, but he is suspicious. He and his courtiers–including my grandfather–aren’t afraid to fight dirty.

But a woman in midlife stalks her own path. Will I rescue my friends from the raja’s clutches before he wises up to our treachery, or will he ensnare me, too?

To Curse a Rival is the second book in a Paranormal Women’s Fiction series. If you’re a fan of stories about the strength of sisterhood, the allure of forbidden love and the resilience of women in their midlife, you’ll find yourself spellbound until the final page.


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