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Druid Heir Bundle (E-Books)

Druid Heir Bundle (E-Books)

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A woman in her midlife knows who she is. Unless her family has been hiding a magical secret.

Short Story 0.5: ‘The Magical Grandmother’

Rajika Verma is a grandmother. She is also Custodian of a library amongst the stars. What happens when the Celestial Library needs her on the night she is babysitting her grandchildren?

Book 1: Midlife Dawn

Broken by grief at forty years old, I’m ready for change. When a mysterious man tells me there’s more to me than meets the eye, it doesn't seem crazy to follow him into the undergrowth in a London park. Not even when I hear my cat telling me to stop. 

Short Story 1.5: ‘A First Date in Paris’

Ezra whisks Alisha to the city of love on their first date. Will the first sparks of their relationship fizzle out or grow into Alisha’s second chance at love?

Book 2: Midlife Tremors

I’ve already made enough enemies in the Otherworld to fill a granny annex. When a series of earthquakes hits London, the Prime Sorcerer advises me to focus on my training. But I’m my own woman, and my instincts tell me to dig deeper.

Book 3: Midlife News

The last raven leaves the Tower of London, provoking fears that Crown and country will fall. But the senate couldn’t care less. As enemies close in, I must prove I’m a match for anyone in my path.

Book 4: Midlife Drift

My hopes of a quiet life in the Otherworld are dead and buried. I must confront the darkness within myself when a rogue goddess emerges to take Londoners to their watery grave.

Book 5: Midlife Portals

The old gods are rising, even the ones I’ve defeated before. They haven’t forgiven me for thwarting them. Not even Wildwoods is a haven anymore. Will my friends and I walk away with our lives?

Book 6: Midlife Eclipse

The world might need the eternal girl, but Mirabel needs plain old me. History is repeating itself. Will I be forced to walk away from the daughter I’ve always wanted?

Book 7: Midlife Battle

Death is coming for me, of that there is no doubt. My hair greys quicker than before, as if she already has a grip. It all comes down to this. Blood, graft and loyal friends. Together, we must find a way to cheat Death or lose it all.

If you’re a fan of Paranormal Women’s Fiction and magic-wielding heroines over forty, you'll love Druid Heir. Get your hands on the complete collection of individual paperbacks today.

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Reader Reviews:

☆ “Feel good humor to edge of your seat drama.”

☆ "The book moved at a brisk pace which kept me reading until the wee hours of the morning.”

☆ “Absolutely hilarious moments, a first class cast of characters.”

☆ “Brilliant just brilliant. I loved this book and couldn’t put it down.”

☆ “This series feels so unique especially in the paranormal genres with beautifully written imagery and an eclectic characters.”

☆ “The world building is top notch.”

☆ “I love this fantastic series. Every book is more enjoyable and exciting than the last.”

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