Nillu Z. Nasser was born in London, UK, to Indian parents.

She studied English and German Literature at Warwick University, followed by European Politics at Humboldt University, Berlin. After graduating, Nillu worked in national and regional politics, but eventually reverted to her first love: writing.

Nillu writes literary fiction. Her stories often take place in rich settings and explore the search for identity from an outsider’s perspective. Her debut literary fiction novel, All the Tomorrows, was published in 2017, followed by Hidden Colours in 2018. Her third literary fiction novel, An Ocean of Masks, is soon to make its way into the world.

Nillu also writes fantasy fiction under the pen name N. Z. Nasser. Her paranormal women’s fiction series Druid Heir was released in 2021-2022, followed by the Majestic Midlife Witch trilogy in 2023-2024. Her fantasy stories are atmospheric and magical, with a dash of humour, found family and a romance sub-plot. She is currently working on a romantic fantasy series, Ink of the Fae.

She loves the balance that the two strands bring to her work. Literary fiction is often about surviving the world. Fantasy is about saving it. It’s atmospheric, magical and escapist, and a whole heap of fun to write.

First and foremost, though, Nillu is a reader. She is happiest barefoot with a book in hand. They are the first thing she unpacks when she is somewhere new.

She lives in London with her husband, three children, two cats and a dog. If you fly into Gatwick and look hard enough, you will see her furiously scribbling in her garden office, where she is working on her next story.