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Nillu's literary fiction is published by Evolved Publishing and is available from Amazon and other online bookstores in e-book, paperback and audiobook formats.


All the Tomorrows World
The Dancing Girl, prequel short story 
All the Tomorrows, a novel 

Standalone novel 
Hidden Colours, a novel

Standalone short story 
Painted Truths and Prayer Beads 


Editorial reviews for All the Tomorrows

“Where to begin reviewing a book as near perfect as All the Tomorrows by Nillu Nasser? All the Tomorrows is rich in engaging, realistic characters who grab readers’ hearts and minds and don’t let them go till all the story is told. And what a story it is! This is superb writing for a first novel from a very gifted author. Congratulations to Nillu Nasser, and to Evolved Publishing for recognizing her talent. Bravo!” ~ Viga Boland, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews

“Replete with hard lessons, determined dreams, and illusions and realities surrounding love and relationships, All the Tomorrows is a gripping saga set under the sweltering heat not just of India, but of hearts on fire. It’s an involving story of the tides and trajectories of love which will especially intrigue readers looking for more than a light dose of Indian cultural insights.” ~ D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Each relationship is written with complete authenticity. I loved how the author created a powerful and self-sufficient image of a woman who does not rely on a man to make her complete. Jaya wishes for love but does not diminish her own value in its pursuit.” ~ Ankita Shukla, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews

“The story is compelling and original, and it immediately transports the reader into the heart of a culture, a setting that reflects the thrills and perils of Bombay, capturing powerful images of the place in vivid clarity, from the dust of the overcrowded streets to the morality of Bombay. The characters are memorable, well-developed, and deeply explored. The conflict is strong and the reader is captivated as it escalates into a crisis point. All the Tomorrows is a wonderful read and the humanity that is injected into the writing will greatly appeal to readers. Nillu Nasser is a gifted and a great entertainer. This novel is balanced and utterly engrossing.” ~ Romuald Dzemo, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews


Editorial Reviews for Hidden Colours

“Nasser eloquently explores racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia through a narrative that’s tender, haunting, and fearless. Yusuf is a particularly memorable character with a complex architecture of inner turmoil about his identity in this strange land and the traumatic losses that drove him from his homeland. The city of Berlin plays an intricate part of Hidden Colours as Nasser draws on its history to illuminate the irony and hypocrisy of political and cultural views threaded through this novel, while also painting a vivid portrait of the celebration of cultural diversity to offset the uglier side of the populace. Hidden Colours is an unforgettable tale of personal trauma and social justice.” ~ Caitlin Lyle Farley, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews

“Nasser brings characters to life with sharp dialogue, heartfelt atmospheric description, and some quite shocking violence which is painfully realistic to our time. Ellie and Yusuf really pave the way for an exciting future of heroes in fiction. Overall, Hidden Colours is a must-read for those who enjoy interpersonal drama and are also concerned with the cold, discriminatory hatred that’s seeping into our world.” ~ K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews

“In many ways, there is no better time for the appearance of Hidden Colours, with its themes of intolerance, repression, prejudice, and communities clashing with each other as they assimilate immigrant newcomers. The stage is ripe for this story of different perspectives, desires for safety and community, and the issues posed by immigrants who are viewed as threats, and Nillu Nasser does an exquisite job of reflecting this environment and the social and political forces at work among all groups.” ~ Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Reviews

Hidden Colours by Nillu Nasser is the breathtaking, emotionally raw and politically stimulating novel about a young refugee fighting to build a home in a strange land. I was taken along on a provocative, heartfelt journey from the first page to the striking conclusion. The end stunned me, leaving me reverberating with unchecked emotion. The author managed to create a breathtaking and colorful story world all her own, with characters with which one can easily sympathize. Her themes lent extra depth, drawing in the reader, compelling them to hear her daring, yet peaceful message of compassion and hope.” ~ Alyssa Elmore, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews