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Midlife Battle: Druid Heir Book 7 (Paperback)

Midlife Battle: Druid Heir Book 7 (Paperback)

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My nails made little moons in my palms. Middle-aged women might have froth and bubble on their upper layers but underneath, we were tidal waves. 

Death is coming for me, of that there is no doubt. My hair greys quicker than before, as if she already has a grip. Life with Ezra and our daughter is joyful, but the city is strange. Footsteps trail in the snow where no man has walked. An unexpected migration of birds clouds the London sky. The book buried in the grove of the cottage whispers to me, even though I ignore it. 

When the Wild Hunt sounds its horns and the blue goddess rides, the drumbeat of doom fills the Otherworld. Gaia is jittery, more bride than warrior. I am her champion, though I have no experience of leading an army. Though I prefer compassion to my obsidian blade. As magical factions take sides, the only constant is treachery. The new Prime Sorceress wants an alliance, but after her betrayal of Ezra, how can I trust her?

As my power curls within me, Rayna’s diaries illuminate a way out of the darkness and I dare to hope destiny favours me. It all comes down to this. Blood, graft, loyal friends and a handful of multivitamins. Together, we’ll stop the rogue gods from reforging humanity in their hateful image. Together, we must find a way to cheat Death or lose it all.

For fans of Paranormal Women’s Fiction and magic-wielding heroines in their midlife.


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