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Midlife Drift: Druid Heir Book 4 (Paperback)

Midlife Drift: Druid Heir Book 4 (Paperback)

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“Real power is not grasping or vengeful. It is quiet, but it is still fierce. It is a whisper you hear inside yourself.”

By now, my hopes of a quiet life in the Otherworld are dead and buried. I’ve accepted that I’m the prophesied eternal girl, but Ezra wants me to keep it under wraps. We can’t be certain unless I step into a tank with the magical octopus, and I’ve had quite enough of batty Wildwoods rituals, thank you very much.

When I receive an offer to turbo charge my druid training, I jump into the deep end and don’t flinch. A new threat is rising. I can feel it in my waters, even before Dad is kidnapped and I’m forced into working with my wayward brother. To make matters worse, a rogue goddess emerges to take Londoners to their watery grave.

With Ezra now a senator and Marina knee-deep in researching how to keep me safe, my allies are few and far between, but I still have my trusty leopard. A visit to an otherworldly chiropractor to fend off the midlife aches and I’m ready to live up to my true potential. I’ll be damned if Dad and countless others succumb to dark undercurrents on my watch.

For fans of Paranormal Women’s Fiction and magic-wielding heroines in their midlife.


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